Our Production Process

1. 100% Robusta coffee cherries

Well-ripened red coffee cherries are harvested and sort. After, it is fed to the Civet who will choose the best coffee cherries.

2. Nature’s best selection

After going through the digestion process and fermentation, the undigested coffee which still covered with the husk will come out with the droppings or what also called as “prongkolan”.

3. Washing process

In addition, it is washed long enough with water to completely clean.

4. Cleaned coffee beans unpeeled, still covered with husk.

Dirt-free, cleaned coffee beans unpeeled, still covered with husk in white yellowish color.

5. Sun-dried process

Sun drying and aerated are used to reduce the washed coffee moisture content. The dry coffee husk would be peeled easily.

6. Flawless coffee beans for ultimate taste

The peeled coffee is further sun dried and sorted to eliminate the defects such as broken beans and husks that come together with the coffee. Preparing Luwak coffee with the certain standard moisture content and sorting the good beans must be completed before stored, roasted or sold.

7. Roasted to perfection

Luwak coffee beans can be stored in gunny bags or in vacuum plastic bags. In addition, it can be directly roasted. Roasted coffee can be kept as roasted beans or ground coffee.

8. Packaging process

The aluminum foil with air valve packaging is used to ensure and maintain the cleanliness, flavor and aroma of Luwak coffee. Luwak coffee roasted beans and ground are ready to be sold in domestic and foreign markets. Our Luwak coffee comes in premium box of 100 gr and 200 gr.

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